How to Choose the Right Hair Extensions When You Shop Online

13 February 2017
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Hair extensions can give anyone a fuller, more natural look to their hair; they provide volume and length and can be worn around thin spots or all over, for a special occasion or even every day. When you're ready to buy hair extensions online, note a few things to consider and features to look for so you can determine the best choice of extensions, and know you'll be happy with your new hair.

1. Attaching the hair yourself

How will you have the extensions attached? If you're doing this yourself, a clip is often the best choice. These extensions will have a small clip, like a barrette, at the top of each section that you simply clip to the underside of a line of your own hair. If your hair is too thin to hold a clip, micro loop hair extensions may be better; these have tiny strands that you wrap around a few pieces of your own hair to keep the extension in place.

Tape-in extensions are also easier to manage on your own; as the name implies, they have a flat top that you apply to sections of your hair with a type of tape that keeps each section in place. A flip-in hair extension will have a long loop that connects a large section of the extensions; you place this loop around your scalp like a hair band to keep it in place.

2. Attaching the hair by someone else

If you're relying on a friend and not a stylist to attach your hair extensions, opt for a stick tip extension. These are applied with a type of cold glue that is very gentle on your hair. Nail tip extensions are applied with a hot glue. The nail tip may last longer than the stick tip, but if the hot glue is not applied properly, it can damage your hair and scalp; only have nail tip extensions applied by a stylist, to protect your own natural hair.

3. Quality of the hair

When you shop online, you have the most hair extension options to choose from. To ensure you get the best, choose 100% human hair, as anything less than this will have synthetic fibres or even animal hair mixed in, and the extensions may have a coarse and wiry feel. Virgin hair means that the hair has never been coloured or bleached, and these extensions often look and feel better than any other.